Professional veterinary services

We strive to deliver a caring, understanding service at all times with a wide range of expert veterinary services to help your pet enjoy a long, healthy and happy life, including:

Lauren at surgery SVC

Surgery, medicine, and vaccinations


Exercise and socialisation


Nutritional and behavioural advice


Weight loss clinic

Close-up of Tick attached next to an Australian Shepherd's eye

Parasite control

Tooth brushing at the vet

Dentistry and radiology


Expert referrals

Services can be used in isolation or alongside one another, allowing for fast and effective improvements in the overall wellbeing of your pet. We strongly advise regular check-ups, even on a drop-in basis, as prevention is always the best cure. Basic procedures like nail clipping and parasite control should also be carried out regularly to maintain the best possible quality of life for your pet.

Our Promise

Although surgeries commonly provide a better quality of life for pets, you can be sure that we’ll let you know right away if a procedure will cause more pain than it’s really worth. All treatments are carried out to the highest professional standard, using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure utmost safety and comfort.

Puppy School

Strathmore Veterinary Clinic runs a comprehensive socialisation program for you and your dog. It is fun, informative and interactive and is run for an hour one evening during the week for 4 weeks. Our aim is for you and your pet to be a confident team both at home and out in the community. The staff members who run the classes all put their own stamp on the class and are always happy to help you turn your dog into a super citizen. Topics covered in the course include nutrition, dental home care, parasite control, updated information on desexing, along with training and behavioural advice.

Be sure to book in when we start our puppy classes back up in the new year.

Puppy school 2

Training based on positive rewards

Vet giving milk to the puppies

Advice and nutrition


Medical advice

cute dog looking at little kitty in stylish room

Desensitisation approaches


Toilet training

If your puppy requires a special approach to training, we can quickly determine its needs and establish an effective program.

We provide a series of four classes held on the same evening each week from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.